Sunday, December 9, 2012

Here's Johnny........... well not really. But Chris here though.

Well since the last time i have posted on here and Now, a lot has happened in college. Met new friends, had other classes, went on trips, the whole having a life outside the internet thing. Nothing really big comes to mind except that i have decided my major a few weeks before i had ended my sophomore year Which is exciting and the fact i have reached that age where i can legally consume the drink that makes people stupid for a short time (and yes i am referring to Alcohol).

Though there was no interesting story to go with on how i got the degree. It was quick, easy, and painless. Now i am just stuck messing with peoples minds as they socially try to deal with being around me. Not saying that I am hard to deal with socially, but its just the fact that i have these weird relationships that anyone would want to be in. So that is my college experience in a nut shell.

I will probably post more about college, but in the interest of time i will say no more. it is Finals week and i have been studying off and on and i think the fact that I want to distract myself is winning over actually studying. Though by the time you see this i will probably be studying and trying to get a good night sleep before tomorrow final of the "Sociology of Complex organizations." This i see as being one of the harder finals I have, I probably need to study it some more before i nail all the content on there.

So after all these finals are done I will probably have more time to post here and will try to . So stay tuned and have a great night/day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Am Number Four (a movie review by Chris Krueger)

As much as I love movies I decided to go spontaneously to KC on Friday to go see a movie. Of course there were a couple movies out that i wanted to see, but this is the one i chose first. So i will do my best to remember my reactions. Plus there will be some SPOILERS in here so if you haven't seen the movie, and you are wanting to see it bad, then i recommend you not read this review just yet. That's your choice.

Overall- anyways to get started i just wanted to say this wasn't a bad movie, or even a great one. In all the aspects were good in some way, but doesn't surpass any phenomenal movies like Inception. In the movie there were somethings that I did not understand, I'll explain later about this. Overall i would have to give this movie a 5 out of 10.

Story- well the story is sorta straight forward. It kind of reminded me of the Predator movies, in a sense, because they had aliens chasing down other aliens.  There were a few plot holes where I had no idea what was happening or just seemed a little illogical. In the beginning you see these people get attacked in some tropical forest. I say this is one big plot hole because you only get told that the 2 people in the "bamboo hut thing" get attacked. An illogical thing about this thing also why did the guy have a knife? could he have some other selection of weapons. This goes for the other character too that is the protector. Another illogical thing in the movie was the alien creature. They explained what it is, by giving its name, but not giving any more info on it. So how could it turn into a dog or even a lizard. That seems kind of stupid not too put that info in there. Another plot hole i noticed is how do the 7 alien people get the scares on their legs? That doesn't make any sense. I could have a whole list of questions if i just went on. As for a story overall it was ok. Did not seem like it was original and seemed to be stolen from some book. I wasn't paying attention to some of the credits and stuff to really know if this is true. But I thought it was a ok story.

Characters- There is not much i can say here, but i think they did a ok job. I barley saw some underacting, but it wasn't too bad. As for the bad guys, I think they may have overdone their part a bit, but they definitely got their point across. So sorry If i don't have too much, but that is what i have to say.

Script- as for this aspect it was not to bad. there were still think i questioned about it especially a select few lines, but i thought it went ok.

As to end its review i want to remind you that over all I gave it a 5 out of 10. This is probably a one time see in my standards, but don't let this make you dought seeing this movie once or multiple times. And somehow i also found myself, in my head of course doing a RiffTrax commentary on this movie. If you don't know what RiffTrax is you should look it up. But i found myself doing this commentary thought the movie and it actually made the move somewhat more enjoyable to watch. So as to officially end this I will bid you all adieu.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learning? Who needs to learn?

Scoo is a blast so far. Got to see friends and hang out and stuff. I just there was a few more days before we had to start school. That would of been great if that was possible, but school always has to start and us college start have to start learning again. Though with this advantage, i can still visit my friends while i learn. So as I continue my life of learning I willl try to enjoy it with my friends.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa is Coming To Town

Sorry I have not made any posts in a while. A lot has gone on since i las posted. Thanksgiving, College social life, College acedemic stuff, and Finals. These were all exciting, but some of these activities are hard. So that has been my life for the last 3 weeks. So now I must talk about the guy who comes around this time of season. Yes I am reffering to Santa Claus. Though he is the bug jolly guy, I beg everyone to not froget the real meaning of this holiday which is family, friends, and well mainly letting everyone you love them, yes including the poor.

As for the starting of christmas break I am totally pumped for a month long break. It is pretty exciting. As for a random story I was wearing a santa hat in a strip mall and i happeed to walk by this small group of children, from the ages of 4-5 years old i think. So i walk by this boy who is climbing stuff, assuming its normal for a child of this age to be climbing all over stuff, and I passed by him. He gets a good look at my santa hat and he ends up saying "Hi Santa Claus." I am a little flattered that he called Santa, but I am surely I made a little kid excited by having him see me in the santa hat. It was so cute. I have probably had 2 people, including the kid, say in some form "oh look its Santa." Im serious. I have had two of those insences and both when i got back into Dallas. This is exciting though.

I also have to add that christmas is also in two weeks. This is an exciting moment because hey there are presentsand much merry spread around. So if you feel sad, or mad,  this christmas; always remember the phrase that the Glad trash bag commirtals say "Dont get mad, Get Glad."

Friday, November 19, 2010

Whats around the cornor. Oh! Its just a Turkey. Lets Eat it!

As we all know Thanksgiving is around the cornor. All of us, hopefully, are just ready for the break we are going to get. For me I get to go back to Dallas and spend some time there with the extensive family, which is huge btw. As for Harry Potter 7.1 being released today, I want to see it. I did not get a chance to go to the Midnight showing because of classes, but I hope someone will invite me to come. Of course the prople who noticed the title of my blog coencides with a book inside Harry Potter 7. At the time I had frogotten that this title came from HP 7. Well since after I started listening to the book again I realized that I had taken the titile of a book mentined during the story. As for the movie I hope to goe to see it soon while nibbleing on a dead turckey I killed in the front yard. Yes some of you may be "Grooooooosssssssss!" and for others it may be "Cool! Lest poke it with a stick!" I did not say either of these things. The only thing I said was "Heres dinner." Hopefully the people who are reading hava a happy thanksgiving also. Anyway as you count down the days for thanksgivig take a few tips from the Man himself Arnold Shwartsnager on how to prepare the the turkey. Enjoy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Toy Story 1-3, The Greatest movies ever made

In my view there are many great movies. Many of them are worth watching over and over again. As you can see in the title I consider Toy Story to be one of the best ones out there. I have watched these movies since i was a little kid and I am still watching them over again now. Lately i have seen the las installation to the Toy Story Trilogy and for me I thought it lived up to the legacy it created. For me watching this movie was a kid's dream come true. Trust me I was pumped for this movie. I have never been this excited for a childens movie before. So naturally I had to gather up a few of my friends to go see. I did go see it a few other times with family, once including with my mom which she burst into tears at the fact that it seemed parllel that Andy was going to college and I was going to the same place. Well I wont continue on the Mom thing, but that is what happened.

So as for Toy Story's legacy, I thought that each of the movies was great in its own scnse and helped continue a great movie that many will remember (including me). I really like these movies and hopefully we can keep thier spirits, not like the movies have spirits, alive by showing them to our children, because these are amasing movies and they deserve to be known by our children and thier children. This should be able to last multiple lifetimes and hopefully be rememberd forever, or at least the amount of time left on this earth. In the past, when the world seemed simpler too me, I loved these movies and this was the movie I would watch over and over again. I guess you could say I was obscessed. Well not that but as close to obcessed as you can get. I had a woodey doll, and a buzz costume. Later I got Zurg and a Buzz Lightyear toy. So now you can say i am obcessed. Then recently I have gotten a big Woodey doll that i bought on e-bay. That is what I have collected so far from this movie.

 So I might have gotten off track a little bit, but I would have to say i love these movies and they will always be my favorite for all time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog! Chris has a blog! why?

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog. Well as this is a start I will do my best to start posting.I have done blogging before, but for only for a High school class I did and it was such a long time ago that i have officially frogotten the password.  So I started this one. As for a short explination for what I will be doing. I will be posting up a random topic every week, and hopefully i will have a topic. The topic will range from movie reviews, random events in my life, or ten ways to put a trash can over your head. (Note: some weeks i will post more and others i might not, but I will aim to have at least a post a week). Well for now i have to go, but I will try to have a post up tonight, and this Friday. Also I should mention I am still setting this blog up so if you notice anything new come up it is probably me adding or taking something away. Anyways Enjoy :).