Sunday, December 9, 2012

Here's Johnny........... well not really. But Chris here though.

Well since the last time i have posted on here and Now, a lot has happened in college. Met new friends, had other classes, went on trips, the whole having a life outside the internet thing. Nothing really big comes to mind except that i have decided my major a few weeks before i had ended my sophomore year Which is exciting and the fact i have reached that age where i can legally consume the drink that makes people stupid for a short time (and yes i am referring to Alcohol).

Though there was no interesting story to go with on how i got the degree. It was quick, easy, and painless. Now i am just stuck messing with peoples minds as they socially try to deal with being around me. Not saying that I am hard to deal with socially, but its just the fact that i have these weird relationships that anyone would want to be in. So that is my college experience in a nut shell.

I will probably post more about college, but in the interest of time i will say no more. it is Finals week and i have been studying off and on and i think the fact that I want to distract myself is winning over actually studying. Though by the time you see this i will probably be studying and trying to get a good night sleep before tomorrow final of the "Sociology of Complex organizations." This i see as being one of the harder finals I have, I probably need to study it some more before i nail all the content on there.

So after all these finals are done I will probably have more time to post here and will try to . So stay tuned and have a great night/day.

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