Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa is Coming To Town

Sorry I have not made any posts in a while. A lot has gone on since i las posted. Thanksgiving, College social life, College acedemic stuff, and Finals. These were all exciting, but some of these activities are hard. So that has been my life for the last 3 weeks. So now I must talk about the guy who comes around this time of season. Yes I am reffering to Santa Claus. Though he is the bug jolly guy, I beg everyone to not froget the real meaning of this holiday which is family, friends, and well mainly letting everyone you love them, yes including the poor.

As for the starting of christmas break I am totally pumped for a month long break. It is pretty exciting. As for a random story I was wearing a santa hat in a strip mall and i happeed to walk by this small group of children, from the ages of 4-5 years old i think. So i walk by this boy who is climbing stuff, assuming its normal for a child of this age to be climbing all over stuff, and I passed by him. He gets a good look at my santa hat and he ends up saying "Hi Santa Claus." I am a little flattered that he called Santa, but I am surely I made a little kid excited by having him see me in the santa hat. It was so cute. I have probably had 2 people, including the kid, say in some form "oh look its Santa." Im serious. I have had two of those insences and both when i got back into Dallas. This is exciting though.

I also have to add that christmas is also in two weeks. This is an exciting moment because hey there are presentsand much merry spread around. So if you feel sad, or mad,  this christmas; always remember the phrase that the Glad trash bag commirtals say "Dont get mad, Get Glad."