Friday, November 19, 2010

Whats around the cornor. Oh! Its just a Turkey. Lets Eat it!

As we all know Thanksgiving is around the cornor. All of us, hopefully, are just ready for the break we are going to get. For me I get to go back to Dallas and spend some time there with the extensive family, which is huge btw. As for Harry Potter 7.1 being released today, I want to see it. I did not get a chance to go to the Midnight showing because of classes, but I hope someone will invite me to come. Of course the prople who noticed the title of my blog coencides with a book inside Harry Potter 7. At the time I had frogotten that this title came from HP 7. Well since after I started listening to the book again I realized that I had taken the titile of a book mentined during the story. As for the movie I hope to goe to see it soon while nibbleing on a dead turckey I killed in the front yard. Yes some of you may be "Grooooooosssssssss!" and for others it may be "Cool! Lest poke it with a stick!" I did not say either of these things. The only thing I said was "Heres dinner." Hopefully the people who are reading hava a happy thanksgiving also. Anyway as you count down the days for thanksgivig take a few tips from the Man himself Arnold Shwartsnager on how to prepare the the turkey. Enjoy.

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