Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog! Chris has a blog! why?

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog. Well as this is a start I will do my best to start posting.I have done blogging before, but for only for a High school class I did and it was such a long time ago that i have officially frogotten the password.  So I started this one. As for a short explination for what I will be doing. I will be posting up a random topic every week, and hopefully i will have a topic. The topic will range from movie reviews, random events in my life, or ten ways to put a trash can over your head. (Note: some weeks i will post more and others i might not, but I will aim to have at least a post a week). Well for now i have to go, but I will try to have a post up tonight, and this Friday. Also I should mention I am still setting this blog up so if you notice anything new come up it is probably me adding or taking something away. Anyways Enjoy :).

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